Kayseri Overview Vivood: $400M Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Resort to be named as hotel for US president

Vivood: $400M Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Resort to be named as hotel for US president

The Hilton hotel in Las Las Vegas is being sold as a private residence for US President Donald Trump, with an estimated price tag of $400 million.

The hotel, located on the Las Vegas Strip, is in the heart of the city and has been a Trump property for many years.

The Trump Organization owns the hotel, which is located on 7 acres of land, with the Trump family as one of its owners.

This is the first time that the Trump Organization has sold a hotel, and it comes as the president continues to make his mark on the economy.

The new hotel is set to be completed in 2019.

Trump said in a statement that the Hilton hotel was an investment opportunity that had never been attempted.

He added that the president was a “huge fan” of the hotel and the hotel’s location on the Strip.

“It is the perfect venue to have our first family vacation, the most beautiful and exclusive hotel in the world, and we are honored to have this opportunity to create a truly special destination in America,” he said.

Trump, who also owns the Plaza Hotel in New York City, said that the project was “a dream come true for all involved.”

The Hilton is one of the most sought-after properties in the country.

The property has become a popular tourist attraction and also hosts an annual White House event, the annual Easter Egg Roll, as well as other major events.

The project, according to the Trump International Hotel & Casino, was “the most challenging and rewarding project of our career” and was a direct result of the president’s desire to “create a new chapter in the history of the Trump brand.”

The company also said the project is expected to create “significant” economic benefits for the region and the nation.

This was also Trump’s first hotel project and a big win for the company.

The developer said that it will be the first hotel to be built on private land in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and that the new hotel will be built “without any public assistance.”

The hotel is the second luxury hotel in North America to be developed by Trump.

The Hotel Bel-Air in New Orleans also became a private property after Trump purchased it in 2009.