Kayseri ROOMS ‘The most incredible thing’ was when ‘we had the most incredible conversation’: Travel blogger explains how she made the switch to staying in a hotel

‘The most incredible thing’ was when ‘we had the most incredible conversation’: Travel blogger explains how she made the switch to staying in a hotel

Guest blog: Sophie Lott.

It was a magical time, when Sophie Lotto decided to stay at a hotel in Australia.

But then, as she explained in her guest blog, she decided that she’d rather be in a different place than where she had been staying previously.

“It was so magical to go back to where I was before and experience the world differently,” Ms Lotto said.

“I was living in a house in Melbourne, which was my first real house I’d ever been in.”

It’s the first time she’s ever been to Australia, so when she first started staying at the Hilton Ithaca, it was “an absolute blast”.

The hotel’s staff were very nice, she said.

She had no complaints.

“There were lots of staff who were really friendly and really supportive, they even gave me free food,” she said, with the best part being that “the staff are the same people I’ve been with in Melbourne for the past six years”.

She said she was also treated well.

“The staff at the hotel are really nice, they make sure I get the best experience,” Ms Hoyle said.

“[They’re] really good to me, so I think it’s definitely a positive experience.”

After a while, she had a few more hotel stays, but then “the stress and the uncertainty about what would happen and how long it would last and all the things that you do not want to happen, started to become a bit much”.

“I really needed to get back to normal,” Ms Sowden said.

Ms Lott, who is originally from England, said she “loves” living in Australia, and “wanted to be in the country to experience everything”.

She described being “in Australia” as “the most incredible feeling”.

“To be in that place that’s so peaceful, you can just relax and not have to worry about anything,” she wrote.

“You’re not worried about where you are, what your family is doing or what’s going on in the world around you.

You just just live in this place, you feel so relaxed and free.”

The blog was the first in a series of guest posts about staying in hotels.

It also prompted the hotel to provide more information about its accommodation, including what is and is not permitted and what people can and cannot bring in.

“As with all hotels, the guest room has a ‘check-in’ fee and we can require you to pay that,” a Hilton spokesperson said in a statement.

“This is due to the nature of the accommodation and it’s also to ensure that all of our guests are in a comfortable environment.”

It said it was also responsible for “assuring guests that they are provided with a safe and secure accommodation”.

The first time Ms Sowell stayed at a Hilton hotel, she was “very nervous”, but she said she had “learned so much” in the last year.

“So, I’m so happy that I’ve done it,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“A lot of people say they love staying at hotels but they just don’t understand how to actually use it.

It’s a lot of work.”

In an article for The Conversation, Ms Lotte wrote that she had never stayed in a “hotel before” but she had stayed in “the best hotel I’ve ever been.”

She said the Hilton’s experience had been “excellent” but was “really difficult”.

“The people at the other hotels were really nice,” she continued.

“They were so nice to me and so I really appreciated that.”

Ms Lowell said that when she returned to Australia she was happy to stay “at the hotel”.

“There’s a bit of uncertainty about the future and the future is uncertain, and it all comes down to how much money you’re going to make, so it’s a little bit of a risk, but I think that’s a positive,” she added.

“And I love living here.”

Ms Soween said she is still “happy in Melbourne”.

“When I was staying at a different hotel in the UK, I was always very nervous,” she writes.

“Now I can just be comfortable, like I did when I first arrived here.”

“It’s so nice here.

You can just walk out the door and walk around and relax and enjoy the scenery, because everything is so different,” she continues.

“Every day is a new experience.”

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