Kayseri DINING When a ghost hotel is haunted by an ‘unidentified guest’

When a ghost hotel is haunted by an ‘unidentified guest’

A ghost hotel in Mexico City was left completely intact after a man was killed in it in 2017, locals claim.

Key points:Ghost hotel is on a major highway, and the dead man was a victim of a hit-and-runThe hotel was left open to the elements and reopened after the man’s deathThe hotel is known as the ‘Unidentified Guest Hotel’ and locals say it is hauntedA man was found dead in the hotel on December 29, 2017, according to a report in local media.

Police were called to the hotel after reports of a man running away from the hotel, but the man was not found.

A statement from the owner of the hotel in which he was found, Miguel Torres, confirmed the man died of a “non-fatal” gunshot wound.

“He was not an unknown guest,” the statement read.

“A report has been filed to the local police department and it will be reviewed and forwarded to the investigation authorities,” the hotel said.

Local residents told ABC News they were shocked to learn of the death.

“It’s a big hotel,” one resident, Pedro Hernandez, told the news agency.

“The police are coming, the coroner will be there.

It’s really sad.”

Police said there were no witnesses to the incident, and there was no sign of forced entry.

“I have no idea why it happened, it’s not something that I have seen before,” said Torres.

“Maybe it’s a hit and run, I’m not sure.”

Local media said there was “a strange feeling” in the air after the incident and that a man in the building had been found dead.

Police have opened an investigation.