Kayseri OFFERS Hotel booking portal offers free booking to any citizen

Hotel booking portal offers free booking to any citizen

New Delhi: Hotel booking platform korbabhotel.com is offering free booking for citizens of India for up to 6 months, which is available to anyone, the company said on Thursday.

Korbaboostel, the startup that launched in India in 2016, has been selling booking portals to hotels for over a year.

The platform allows travelers to book rooms in a hotel for the duration of their stay, while also providing the hotel with data on the availability of rooms, the statement said.

It has already provided free booking in hotels for citizens from April 2017, it added.

Kobakur is the first Indian hotel booking platform to offer free booking.

“The new portal, Korbaboourndom is available in India for all citizens, as per our Terms of Service.

All the details, including payment method, will be available in the future,” a company spokesperson told ET.

The company is looking to add more hotels to its platform in the coming days.

“As soon as the new portal launches in India, we will offer more hotels, we’ll have free booking as well,” the spokesperson said.