Kayseri Overview When the Hotel Room Prices Are So Much That You Can’t Stay on Them

When the Hotel Room Prices Are So Much That You Can’t Stay on Them

In a hotel room with a $2,000 bill, you might be able to survive for a few hours, but your life will be a total mess once the rent starts coming in. 

If you’re lucky, your hotel room might not even be worth it.

Here’s how to find out how much it costs to stay at a top-rated hotel, whether or not you have a room to stay, and how much you should spend on a hotel stay.1. 

How much is your room worth?

If you live in New York City, you can usually get away with paying $2.50 a night for a room at the Marriott Downtown hotel.

If you are visiting the Big Apple, the Hotel Indigo is usually cheaper, but it has a $7-per-night limit.

The Big Apple also has a lot of pricey hotel rooms, which might be a good idea if you want to stay with someone who is more comfortable in their own home.2. 

What are the room prices in your area? 

While the hotel rooms listed below are usually listed at about $1,200 per night, it depends on where you live.

If the city you’re in is close to the New York metro area, you’ll probably be able just about anywhere in the country to find a decent rate. 

If you live closer to the coast, or the Midwest, the cheapest hotel rooms are often in Chicago and St. Louis, where the average price is $2 per night.

If it’s a city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver, you’re more likely to be able pay the rent, but you’ll also likely be paying more. 


Is it worth the money? 

If the price is right, you should expect to be paying about $4 per night for your room.

But be warned: It’s not cheap. 

A typical room in a four-star hotel will cost around $8,500 per night and can only be reserved online.

The most expensive hotel rooms in the U.S. are usually in New Orleans and the Caribbean, but prices can vary widely. 


Can you stay in one of these hotels? 

There are plenty of options out there.

Many of the hotels listed below offer shared rooms for up to two people, so you can find a comfortable space and stay with people who share the same room.

If your room is smaller than two people can comfortably share, consider renting a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment instead. 


Does it have a kitchen? 

Not everyone can afford a one or two bedroom apartment in the Big East, for example.

But if you’re looking for a spacious apartment that will fit a large family of four, the most popular option is the Big West, which offers three- and four-bedroom apartments with shared kitchens.

If a hotel has a shared kitchen, you will likely be able find a room in that type of unit. 


Are you planning on staying in a hotel for more than a few days? 

Depending on your budget, you may want to consider renting out the room to friends or family members, as long as you know the rent will be paid in advance.

Some hotel rooms offer a limited amount of stay time, so be sure to check the website to see if there’s a minimum number of nights you can stay. 


Which hotels offer a laundry service? 

Most hotels offer laundry services, but some are more selective and offer a longer or shorter wait to get your clothes washed.

If laundry is important to you, consider buying a laundry basket, which will be able provide you with a longer laundry day and also keep your clothes from getting dirty.8. 

Do you need a lift to get to your hotel? 

Sometimes you just need to get there in time to get the airport shuttle to your destination, but other times, you want your laundry done in advance so you don’t have to drive to the airport.

Most hotels will offer a shuttle service, so if you need to pick up laundry, you could ask a hotel representative to drive you to your room, even if it’s only an hour away.9. 

Will my room have wifi? 

Many hotels offer wifi for their rooms, but if you don, you don the best.

There are many hotels that don’t, and you should be able get WiFi at the front desk.

If they don’t provide WiFi at their front desk, you need help finding a hotel that does.10. 

Am I paying enough to stay in the hotel?

There are several factors that will impact how much money you’ll need to spend on staying at a hotel, including how much space you have and whether or how many people you can bring into your room when you arrive. 

You might want to spend a little extra money to make sure you don