Kayseri DINING Hotel reservations in Rio de Janeiro

Hotel reservations in Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Guayaquil, it’s the city’s famous hotels that are attracting tourists to the capital city, according to the Hotel Oriente, a hotel operator that operates in the city.

Bookings for Rio’s main hotels are up 60% compared with last year, according for the latest data available.

The increase comes as the city prepares for the 2018 Olympics, with a majority of tourists looking for the city as a place to enjoy the sights, music and culture.

Hotel Oriente says hotel reservations for its Rio de Janiero, the country’s biggest hotel, increased 15.3% from last year.

The firm also expects hotel reservations to reach 10,000 this year, up from 7,500.

Hotels are also seeing an increase in business as the Olympics get underway, with more people visiting the country, according the firm.

Rio de Janeiro has a population of 5.3 million, and it has a total of 3,865 hotels.

Hotels and motels account for about 80% of hotel bookings in Rio.

The other 20% are listed as hotels and motel operators.

Hotetoday reports that the city is on track to open more than 2,300 hotel rooms by the end of the year, which will help hotels expand their footprint.

Hotel reservations are also up for the first time in six years.