Kayseri DINING How to Book a Hotel at Heartwood Hotel Groupon

How to Book a Hotel at Heartwood Hotel Groupon

Hotels can now book with a groupon.

The hotel chain announced the new option Monday in an update to its hotels, hotels, and resorts section.

It said you can book hotel rooms at Heartwoods with Groupon, as long as you have a valid credit card and an invitation code.

The company said you’ll receive a credit of $200 for each room booked and $1,000 for each additional room booked.

“Groupon is one of the best value options available for hotel booking,” a company representative told Newsweek.

“We know this can be overwhelming, so we’re updating the site to help make things easier for you.”

You can also choose from an assortment of hotel accommodations, such as spa, beach, and outdoor villas.

“If you like your room at HeartWood, we’d love to see your room,” the company said.

“Join our mailing list and we’ll email you about special offers and specials.”

You’ll be able to book hotels with Groupons starting April 17.

The Groupon feature comes after the hotel chain added a hotel booking feature to its sites in late April.

It also updated its hotel booking pages to reflect the new Groupon option.

“With this Groupon you can reserve a hotel room for $100 per night and book it up to two weeks in advance,” the Groupon page said.

Heartwood said it plans to offer the Groupons for hotel reservations and other events.

“There are hundreds of hotels in our region, and we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to book them on Groupon,” the spokesperson said.