Kayseri OFFERS Vegas is now worth it for people looking to escape from the sweltering heat

Vegas is now worth it for people looking to escape from the sweltering heat

Vacationers are coming from all over the world to take advantage of the warm weather, but they’re also going to want to book their stay in one of the world’s most popular hotels.

According to the latest data from Expedia, hotels in Las Vegas now rank as the fourth most popular choice for tourists, with hotels booked out of over 500,000 locations.

That’s a 10.4 percent increase from last year, which was the year the company began offering its Travelocity platform.

Expedia’s data is based on the total number of hotel rooms booked in the last month, so hotels booked in October could have had a bump in popularity.

The company has said the numbers for November are expected to be released later in the year.

The numbers have been bolstered by another major increase in hotel occupancy, as more people have decided to go for a vacation without the heat.

In fact, there are now 5,800 hotel rooms in Las, with the majority of those being for family members or friends.

So the majority are coming for the warmer months, according to Expedia.

With a majority of hotel stays booked, that’s an 8.2 percent increase.

The number of rooms in rooms on average for every hotel in Las is up 10.7 percent since last year.

And while some of that increase is due to more people booking at hotels that are already booked, the company says the overall trend has been toward more hotels staying in the colder months.

The data also shows that there’s more demand for hotel rooms, as hotel occupancy continues to fall.

According the company, more than one-third of all hotel room purchases were made online in October, down from 40 percent in October 2016.

Expierge is currently offering a $100 credit toward an annual hotel room, and is adding hotel room options to its existing suite of travel options.

The program is now open to families and couples, and Expedia says it is currently accepting applications.

If you’re looking for a way to save money while vacationing, Expedia is offering discounts to those looking to save up for a hotel room and can offer up to $3,000 toward a trip in a year.