Kayseri ROOMS Nicole Hilton: ‘I’ll Always Be Here’ to Take the ‘Whip’ from ‘Hollywood’

Nicole Hilton: ‘I’ll Always Be Here’ to Take the ‘Whip’ from ‘Hollywood’

Nicole Hilton is going to have to keep her mouth shut when it comes to sharing her thoughts on the movie “Hollywood” — but she’s also going to try to give her star-crossed fans a few moments of closure.

In an interview with MTV News, the “Once Upon a Time” star talked about the movie’s end and what she thought the characters’ future will be.

“I think the future is definitely bright.

I mean, it was a really good movie.

I loved it.

I love the characters.

I think they’re gonna be great,” Hilton said.

“They’ll be great and they’ll have the best lives in Hollywood.

But we all know they’re going to die.

We’ll be there, but we’ll never be the same.”

Hilton said she’s hoping her “Whip” star will be able to find some solace during her time off.

“I know people want me to do a few things for the kids and their families and just have a good time,” she said.

“[I] know there’s a lot of tears that we all need to shed, but I think we’ll all just be better people in the end.”

While Hilton has yet to officially say how she will be spending her downtime, she did offer some thoughts on her characters.

“It’s like I told them, ‘I’m gonna make you happy,'” Hilton said, adding, “I’m a very optimistic person.”

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