Kayseri Overview UK hotel booking app Hotels booking has been hacked

UK hotel booking app Hotels booking has been hacked

We’ve seen an unprecedented amount of hack attempts on the UK hotel app, hotel booking com.

According to data collected by The Register, this is the largest single breach of its kind, with a total of 1,200 people affected.

This was the result of a vulnerability in the app’s website that allowed a hacker to access a user’s booking details.

The hack, which affected some 50,000 users, was discovered after the app was updated in September 2017.

Hotel booking’s website was also breached in April 2018, where an attacker managed to gain access to the booking database, according to The Register.

This allowed the hacker to download data on thousands of customers.

In the wake of the attack, the app announced the creation of a new security measure that would prevent the hack from occurring again.

“The security measures we are announcing today are the result.

We are taking steps to make it harder for anyone to exploit this vulnerability,” the app wrote on its website.

The hack could have serious implications for hotel booking.

It could lead to cancellations, delays or cancellations that are impossible to repair.

In fact, many hotel booking services are currently not able to resume booking after a hack, because of the vulnerability.

However, the hack does not necessarily mean that hotel booking will be completely shut down in the UK.

As of September 2018, it was possible to book online through the app.

The Register has contacted Hotels Booking UK for more information on the security measures that are being implemented to protect the app and its users.

Hacker: What is the ‘Powered by HotelsBooking’ exploit?

Hotels Bookings UK is not the only company to have suffered a hack involving the hotel booking service.

A hack of the booking system for hotel bookings on the popular booking app Booking.com was uncovered in December 2016.

The app was patched in June 2017, but it is not clear how many of the 1.1 million users affected were still able to book with the company.

Another hotel booking platform, Travelocity, also suffered a similar hack, but no one was able to confirm whether the data that was accessed was related to their service.