Kayseri Overview Trump to announce $50 million in new stimulus funds for states as opioid crisis worsens

Trump to announce $50 million in new stimulus funds for states as opioid crisis worsens

President Donald Trump will announce $5.3 billion in federal stimulus money on Thursday for states in a bid to stem the opioid crisis, his administration said.

The announcement comes as President Donald J. Trump and his administration have announced a raft of new spending priorities for the first six months of his administration, with the most dramatic increase in aid being the $50 billion stimulus package, which will come from a supplemental budget request.

The $50-billion stimulus package is more than twice as much as the $25 billion approved by Congress in the 2017 omnibus spending bill, which passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support.

The White House will announce the money in a tweet.

Trump has sought to highlight his administration’s efforts to combat the opioid epidemic.

The president announced $5 billion in opioid aid Wednesday and has promised $50bn in funding for state and local governments.

He said Wednesday he is spending $100 million on an opioid-treatment center in Florida and $150 million on more treatment for opioid addicts.

The Trump administration has also made a push to increase funding for mental health services.

The first of Trump’s six $50-$100 billion supplemental spending requests will be formally released Thursday morning, the White House said.

President Donald Trumps budget plan includes $50B stimulus to address the opioid and drug abuse crisis.

He also proposed $100 billion in drug treatment for people with addictions and a $250 billion package to address opioid-related deaths.

The administration has pledged $10 billion in additional funding to combat opioid abuse, but has not yet provided details on how much of that will come in direct funding.