Kayseri OFFERS What to do if you have a bad booking at the hotel you’re booking at

What to do if you have a bad booking at the hotel you’re booking at

LONDON — If you’re on the hunt for a new hotel, don’t expect to find one with a bad bookings list.

A study from travel site Expedia found that the majority of the popular hotel booking sites are riddled with bad reviews.

According to Expedia, the average rating for a hotel on Expedia is 3.9.

The sites have been the subject of some criticism for their ratings.

For example, TripAdvisor, which is owned by Travelocity, says that it is a good hotel, but that it does not have a stellar rating for its reviews. 

In its review, Tripadvisor said it has a bad reputation for “lacking quality.”

It says, “I did a quick search and found no reliable reviews of any hotel at this particular hotel.

That’s why I rate it a 7.5.

That rating means that the hotel has very few reliable reviews.

So it’s definitely not a good place to stay.

If I am planning on staying at this hotel, I would rather book a room at a more reliable hotel.”

TripAdvisor says it has no official policy regarding hotel reviews.

But, it does say that reviews are not the most important factor in its ratings.

A spokeswoman for Expedia said that “The vast majority of hotels are reviewed by independent experts to provide a fair, unbiased review of each and every hotel.

Our goal is to give you the best possible rating, and we continue to do that by reviewing thousands of reviews.”

According to the site, reviews are the most reliable way to get an accurate, unbiased evaluation of a hotel. 

The average rating of the sites’ hotels is 4.9, so you may not have to resort to the websites reviews if you’re looking for a decent hotel.