Kayseri Overview How to get booked for a stag night in Aberdeen

How to get booked for a stag night in Aberdeen

Aberdeen, Scotland’s capital city, has just added an even more unusual twist to its nightlife scene with the arrival of the Tayhan Hotel.

The Tayhan is a new hotel built by the Taytan family and will be located in the heart of the city, just off the coast of Loch Ness.

Located just outside the harbour, the Tayan Hotel will offer a range of dining options from traditional European fare to new local favourites like oysters, fish and chips and burgers.

The first floor will be occupied by an 18th century castle, while the second floor will house an outdoor terrace with views of the sea and Loch Ness and the city.

Hotel booking website Book Aberdeen has listed the Tayans second floor as “the place for boozing”, with a range from the traditional European cuisine of the likes of the Grub Street to local specialities like oyster and sea bass.

The company said the hotel would also feature a wine bar and an impressive wine cellar.

The hotel will offer “totally unique” options, the website said.

Book Aberdys hotel booking site has listed The Tayan’s second floor at Tayhan’s Loch Ness as the “place for boezing”.

Credit:Book Aberdows website The Tayans family has been building their new hotel for more than two decades.

They have built the hotel on a site where the famous castle of Tayhan was built, and the hotel has been constructed to the specifications of the family, according to the Tayyan’s website.

The resort is one of the first in Scotland to be converted into a hotel, with a new restaurant opening next month.

The castle and the resort are both owned by the family and are currently the only two in the world.

The tour company has put out an offer for people to go on the “tour of the Loch Ness” which will take them up to the castle and explore the Loch.

They will then go back to the hotel to get their dinner and relax.

The Loch Ness is famous for its large and rugged coastline.

There are more than 700 islands, including the popular ‘Paddington’ and the famous ‘Loch’ Islands.