Kayseri FACILITIES This man has no clue how to book a flight to Brisbane

This man has no clue how to book a flight to Brisbane

Posted July 09, 2018 09:16:15A Queensland man has spent more than a week living in a car on the streets of Brisbane, unable to get his own flight home because he cannot afford a ticket.

Key points:John Gault has spent days camping in the bush with his family and trying to book flightsThe 28-year-old said he had been unable to make friends in the city because he has a mental illnessMr Gault said he has spent hours every day camping on the outskirts of Brisbane trying to find a flight homeHe said he and his wife were spending the day camping in a field on the Brisbane outskirts with their two children.

“My wife was getting ready to take a nap when we saw a sign for the airport on the road,” Mr Gault told 7.30.

“We were like, ‘that’s it.

This is it.

We’ve got to get home.'”

Mr Gaults family moved to Brisbane from Brisbane in 2010 and he said he spent a few months in the area before moving back to his parents home in Queensland.

He said while in the middle of the night in his car, he called his GP about a possible emergency and was told he had a mental health issue.

“They were like ‘well you’ve got a mental issue’.

They couldn’t say that you’ve had a suicide attempt, they couldn’t give me any medical advice,” he said.”

So I was like ‘how do I get home to Brisbane?’

And they were like this, ‘well we’re not able to give you a ticket’.”

Mr Gaux said he called the police and was asked to come in.

“I was very upset,” he explained.

“The police said ‘well just come in and tell them you’re here because you’re not in Brisbane and we’re going to take you in and we’ll arrange it’.”

Mr Sainsbury said it was a difficult situation for Mr Gaults to navigate.

“It’s been a very hard few days,” he told 7:30.

“He’s had to come back to the house, spend a couple of nights there, then get a new car, then he’s been living in his own car for two weeks.”

When we did the search he couldn’t find any accommodation anywhere in Brisbane so he had to call the police, he was just trying to stay on top of it.

“Mr Sainbury said he was not surprised to hear that Mr Gauts behaviour was not normal.”

He doesn’t have any mental health issues.

He’s been experiencing issues with his mental health,” he added.”

A lot of the people he’s contacted about this, they’re not saying anything about it, they just don’t have the resources to deal with this.

“People need to talk to the police about this.”

The couple has also spoken to the Australian Federal Police and Queensland Police about the matter.

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