Kayseri OFFERS Hotel Belvedere: ‘A place to live out the American dream’

Hotel Belvedere: ‘A place to live out the American dream’

BOSTON — The city of Belvedore has signed an agreement with Marriott International to buy the Hotel Belveren, a historic hotel that opened in the city in 1891.

The deal is a boon for the city, which is already home to one of the nation’s largest private-care ghettos.

The city’s hotelier, J.B. & Jones, has said the hotel will provide a “cultural anchor for Belvedores residents, while also providing a unique and compelling amenity” that will enhance the area’s “unique quality of life.”

The hotel will be renamed the Belvedorean, a nod to Belvedorias indigenous roots.

It will also serve as the city’s largest-ever commercial tenant, according to a statement from the city.

The agreement will also include an annual fee of $150 million, which Marriott said will be shared between the city and the hotel.

It’s unclear what the city will get in return for the hotel purchase.

The hotel is the last of its kind in Belvedoro, a suburb of Boston that’s known for its cultural and commercial vibes.

The area is also home to a large Jewish community.